Space Sustainability: Industry Ratings and Incentives

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Monday, May 6 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Location: 147

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Title: Space Sustainability: Industry Ratings and Incentives

Description: With the fast pace of innovation in space systems, Space Sustainability remains a growing concern. In an attempt to address the topic, the World Economic Forum, with several partner organizations, is developing a Space Sustainability Rating whereby actors can volunteer to undergo an evaluation of their mission through a questionnaire to establish a rating. A positive rating would showcase the level of sustainability a given actor is willing to adopt to minimize the creation of orbital debris linked to its mission. By sharing its rating, the actor would provide a single point of reference externally for their mission, thereby increasing transparency and placing emphasis on its debris mitigation approach, without disclosing any mission-sensitive or proprietary information. This session will explore how the Space Sustainability Rating can add value for the sector and attract actors to participate.